For over 63 years, Allied Signal has served valued customers throughout the US with custom-designed, high-quality printed and branded packaging solutions. With over 200 manufacturing plants and six regional distribution centers, Allied Signal is a leading name in the packaging industry. With a long-standing commitment to customer service, the company offers a comprehensive line of products, including new York packaging. The company is the largest manufacturer of corrugated box packaging in the U.S.

new york packaging

As a marketer, you need to be on top of the latest trends. New York Packaging is one of the most innovative companies in the plastic bag industry. From paper bags to laminated coated bags, the company provides a comprehensive range of packaging products for supermarkets and other retail outlets. As a result, their products have an unmatched shelf life, with a guaranteed quality and competitive prices. In addition, the company also offers a full range of patented plastic bags that are designed to meet the needs of consumers.

New York Packaging II has a patented product that is made from polyethylene film. Its sourcing strategy involves forming strategic alliances with plastic manufacturing pioneers in Asia. Its specialized expertise in the area of flexible packaging solutions is an asset for the company. Founded in 1959, New York Packaging has been in the industry for over 50 years and employs 25 people at a single location. Its products are marketed under the brand name Redi-Bag USA.

The Hazardous Packaging Law is a statewide regulation in New York that outlines the standards that must be followed for packaging materials. The Hazardous Packaging Law also outlines maximum concentrations of certain hazardous materials. The law has been designed to make it easier for businesses to comply with the rules. The TPCH recently completed a comprehensive packaging testing program to determine the impact of the law and identify sectors that need additional outreach. With these results, TPCH is well-positioned to focus its efforts on the most effective way to reach clients.

With a custom-printed product, you can choose the appropriate box for your business. Many types of packaging are available for any product. Various materials can be used for boxes, including cardboard, plastic, and clamshells. The company also provides archival and specialty paper bags. The company has an excellent reputation in the New York packaging industry. The services of the firm include branding and designing custom packages for businesses. However, the services offered by the distributor include custom printing, logos, and products.

Another new product development in New York packaging is fluffable produce bags. These bags are the only ones in the world to have a pre-opened feature. This eliminates the frustration consumers can feel when they are not able to open their produce bags. The fluffable bags are the most environmentally friendly option for grocery store shoppers and also reduce liability associated with loose bags on the floor. The company is also developing an online ordering system.

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