Top Packaging Companies in in Chicago, USA specialize in offering superior paper and facility solutions, helping businesses thrive in today’s increasingly competitive business environment. Their comprehensive product offering includes corrugated boxes, protective packaging solutions and janitorial supplies – among others.

Hudak reported that personnel at doctors’ offices have often asked her whether VSL#3 will soon be discontinued from the market.

Corrugated & Paperboard Boxes

VSL Packaging is a leading US packaging provider. Their wide array of products for businesses and retailers alike includes corrugated containers, display boxes and folding cartons; in addition they provide custom printing and finishing services as well as environmental impact minimization solutions that satisfy customer specifications.

VSL Packaging is one of the premier global manufacturers of specialty rigid packaging. Utilizing reclosable solutions and tear-optimized materials to provide user-friendly packages that promote repeat purchases, this company also specializes in moisture resistant food and beverage packaging production.

International Paper Co is one of the world’s premier fiber-based packaging industries, operating out of over 285 locations around the globe. They specialize in consumer and industrial products as well as protective packaging, janitorial supplies and retail store fixtures; as well as producing high-density film and corrugated products. Their headquarters can be found in Memphis Tennessee.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are single piece poly fabricated containers designed for storage, transport and packaging of various items and materials. Most frequently manufactured from polyethylene and polypropylene plastic polymers.

These plastic bags can be customized with your business logo and other information, designed with handles, zippers or heat sealable areas for heat sealing capabilities, as well as different shapes like flat, gusseted anti-static postal approved protective hazard bags.

Each year, people use approximately 1 trillion plastic bags and wraps worldwide, yet only five percent are recycled. Most end up as waste in landfills or ocean waste where it contaminates the environment, clogs storm drains, kills marine wildlife and poses risks to public health. Plastic bags are one of the main contributors of marine debris – they take hundreds of years for these materials to break down in landfills.

Customized Solutions

Customized packaging offers numerous advantages, from increasing brand identity and customer experience, to activating parts of the brain responsible for rewarding behavior and impulse purchases. Studies indicate that well-designed packaging activates these areas as well as increasing product perceived value while decreasing supply chain inefficiencies.

Custom-designed packaging can protect delicate products during shipping and can even include bar codes or important symbols to facilitate proper handling. Properly protecting food can help extend its shelf life as well.

VSL Packaging of NYC provides reasonable priced solutions to satisfy your packaging requirements, from box design services and custom bags from packing suppliers, custom shippers and pop displays to pop displays and pop displays. Visit their business site for more details!

Environmentally Friendly

As concerns about plastic waste increase, more brands are opting for eco-friendly product packaging solutions. Companies are taking steps to minimize their carbon footprint by choosing products sized specifically to them and using recycled content or ink made of algae or water-based dyes for printing their boxes. In addition, companies are encouraging recycling by including information and instructions on their packages.

The ideal eco-friendly packaging companies are those that offer sustainable solutions across various industries. These may include compostable, recyclable and reusable products with renewable energy used to power their facilities as well as having customer service teams available 24/7 to address questions regarding products and services they offer.

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Paper Mart provides environmentally-friendly products like boxes, bags and packaging sheets crafted from recycled and post-consumer cardboard and paper waste. Their paper is chlorine-free with no bleach added for optimal compostability according to industry standards. In addition, Paper Mart also provides biodegradable and reusable plastics such as their SUMILITE VSL series that offers moisture barrier properties ideal for packaging pharmaceuticals including capsulated drugs and non-pyrazolone painkilling drugs.

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