Posters are an efficient marketing tool in Marketing Jericho, easily customized to fit the needs of any business. Displayed prominently, posters provide an ideal means of advertising to potential customers while simultaneously building your business brand awareness.

Posters must be designed accurately with an attractive headline and clear message in mind, including an additional space known as a ‘safe zone” to prevent key design elements from being cut off during printing.


Posters offer great returns on investment compared to video ads or newspaper and magazine ads, and have a wider reach by being placed strategically near heavy traffic areas so your message reaches more potential customers.

Poster printing provides you with a range of sizes and shapes, enabling you to tailor it specifically to meet your business needs. Their large format has visual impact that allows them to deliver your message effectively, which makes posters ideal for many marketing activities like raising brand awareness, promoting products or services, advertising special offers or events, or supporting a local charity.

Posters can become interactive by including quick-response (QR) codes or coupons in your design, prompting viewers to engage with your message and take action. In high traffic locations like bus stations and all-night diners, such techniques provide continuous exposure for your target market.

Easy to customize

Posters are an effective way to convey any message using eye-catching fonts, bold graphics and striking headlines. Posters also feature smaller print which draws people in closer for closer reading – while still remaining legible from an appropriate distance. Font selection should contrast well with background color when choosing font color combinations for poster design.

Customize posters further by including QR codes or coupons – this will encourage interaction with the poster, making it a useful marketing tool for the digital generation.

Designing an effective poster means including a call-to-action that urges viewers to visit a website, register for an event or purchase products or even mention your poster when volunteering at community projects. Doing this allows you to track how effective your campaign was – especially useful if trying to sell tickets or get people into your restaurant!

Easy to distribute

Posters are an excellent way to spread awareness of your business. Since they can be easily mounted anywhere and moved around as needed, posters make an effective tool for reaching large audiences while offering ample space for company names, website addresses, CTA’s, branding images and eye-catching text.

Marketing experts recognize the power of an eye-catching poster to draw passersby’s attention and raise a company’s visibility. This is particularly effective if it features visuals or pictures that attract the viewer’s eye, increasing response rates.

Paper flyers are also easy to distribute because they can be printed on light-weight paper that’s portable. Displayed prominently in high traffic areas like busy streets or shopping centers, they remain visible for extended periods. Flyers can even be used to promote community events that a company wants to encourage attendance at. Ultimately, this form of advertising increases credibility by building more trust than online ads or social media messaging alone.


Posters are an effective long-term marketing tool for any business. Easy and inexpensive to create, they can be displayed for extended periods and draw in potential customers with vibrant colors and eye-catching fonts that stand out. In addition, posters help deliver your message effectively while prompting positive customer responses.

Posters make an enormous visual impact and can attract the eyes of everyone walking by them. They are particularly powerful when placed in high-traffic areas like bus stations or diners with all-night dining service; an eye-catching poster designed well can stop people in their tracks while drawing them into your product or service offering.

Posters offer businesses multiple advantages beyond high visibility: They’re easily shareable on social media and emailable directly to customers; presentations/workshops to rapidly disseminate information quickly; they can be used as less costly advertising alternatives than digital; they can even help businesses with limited budgets reach new markets more rapidly than digital.

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