The state of New York has declared a state of emergency due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently unveiled a new hand sanitizer, dubbed “NYS Clean.” The governor declared that there were 142 cases of the virus, which is spread through touch. The new hand sanitizer is expensive and carries a dark green label with a simple “NYS Clean” logo.

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Cuomo has previously criticized price gouging for medical supplies, and this new sanitizer contains 75% alcohol and will smell like flowers. The sanitizer, which will be sold at a price of $19.50, will not be available to the public, but will be marketed to doctors and hospitals. The new product has not yet been released in the market, so consumers can purchase it in New York only.

The state of New York has announced that it will produce its own hand sanitizers. The initiative aims to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, which has killed over 3,000 people around the world. The state sanitizer will contain 75% alcohol, which is far higher than the alcohol in other hand sanitizers. The state-produced hand sanitizer will be distributed throughout New York to help fight the epidemic.

While the hand sanitizer plan is laudable, many New Yorkers expressed concern over the use of prisoners in the project. Some people called the scenario “dystopian,” and compared it to the use of prison inmates to put out forest fires. Although Cuomo’s office did not respond to inquiries about the prison labor, an adviser to the governor’s office defended the plan.

The state’s digital sanitizer is the next step to fight the novel coronavirus. Its production has been in crisis for months due to the widespread shortages of hand sanitizer, which led to price-gouging. But the new hand sanitizer will not only protect the public from the disease, but it will also protect workers and reduce the cost of prison staff.

While many New Yorkers applauded the plan, they were not pleased with the plan’s use of prison labor. Some called the plan “dystopian” and compared it to the recent use of inmates in California to put out forest fires. While Cuomo’s office did not respond to questions regarding prison labor, his adviser defended the decision to use inmates.

The state has also developed a hand sanitizer that is manufactured by prisoners. While existing hand sanitizers are made in prisons, the state’s hand sanitizer is more effective. Its alcohol content is seventy-five percent higher than the CDC’s recommendation of 60%. It’s safe to use hand sanitizer anywhere, but it’s important to use it frequently.

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