An electronic building directory is a great way to attract additional revenue for property managers in New York. It can be easily updated and has an easy-to-use interface. Unlike traditional printed building directories, an electronic building directory can be easily changed with the touch of a button. In addition, it can be a turnkey solution with a plug-and-play design. This can make it much easier for property managers to implement the system.

electronic building directory

Digital touchscreens are a great way to provide dynamic wayfinding solutions. A digital building directory can offer floor plans that highlight the desired destination. It can also feature animated paths and other interactive features. An interactive building directory can boost the visitor experience by up to 35%. Aside from the convenience of being able to access it at any time, it also provides valuable information to management and tenants alike. With a minimal upfront cost, it is also easy to add new tenants and manage them with a single click.

A traditional building directory may be difficult for building managers to update and stay attractive. With a digital building directory, the costs of maintaining and updating the directory are eliminated. For instance, an electronic building directory allows administrators to remotely update the information posted on the directory through WiFi or USB. In addition to that, it can also provide up-to-date business hours for tenants. Using an electronic version can also provide real-time information about scheduled building closings.

The electronic building directory is available for free in the main lobby. The Management Office can order signs for the directory and make changes if needed. A tenant may also place a sign on their door or window to advertise their business. If you want to display a sign on the outside of the building, you must contact the Management Office to make the request. A downloadable map with building information is available in a digital building directory. If you want to add a tenant, you can do so by using the contact form.

Unlike printed building directories, an electronic building directory allows tenants in New York to add their own information and photos. Guests can also contact the Management Office with questions. A tenant may also request additional signage for their common area. The main lobby of the building must be visible to visitors, and it is best to avoid signs that block traffic from their entrance. A digitized building directory can make it much easier for people to find their way around. Its layout is easy to navigate and can help prevent visitors from getting lost.

In the main lobby of the building, an electronic building directory can be easily accessed by guests. A hand-held RFID reader is used to scan the tags as electronic signposts. The management office has a large number of signage options available to tenants, including digital boards. A digital building directory can be customized to fit your needs and target audience. The content software for the electronic board can be easily customised to display tenants’ information. This allows them to create a digital building directory that will match the style of your business.

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